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Regional Cross Sector Dialogue for Middle East and North Africa

Future of Humanitarian Financing will attempt to stimulate adaptive change in financing humanitarian action by harnessing creative thinking, new models and approaches emerging within and beyond the sector.

Following the dialogue events in London, the Amman Dialogue Event aims to bring together experts and innovators from diverse backgrounds including financial services, public sector management, marketing, science, information and communication technology as well as humanitarians and academics, living and working in the region to explore new and emerging approaches to humanitarian financing.

Location: Le Méridien Amman, Amman, Jordan

Date: 17th November 2014


Summary of emerging themes from Cross Sector Dialogue in Amman
Summary of emerging themes from Cross Sector Dialogue in Amman

The Dialogues are designed to bring people and ideas together to inspire creative thinking, spark new connections and impel a more radical reform agenda and approach to financing humanitarian action. During the Amman Dialogue event participants from International and National NGOs, the UN, regionally based donors and diaspora groups came together to discuss emerging models of financing in the Middle East and North Africa.

A summary of these discussions is available here.

We invite all participants to help shape the evolution of the Future Humanitarian Financing Initiative by following the feedback button below.




The Regional Cross Sector Dialogue Events for Asia and the Middle East and North Africa will be hosted by the International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA) in Bangkok and Amman. ICVA is a global network of non-governmental organisations whose mission is to make humanitarian action more principled and effective by working collectively and independently to influence policy and practice.






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