Future Humanitarian Financing: A new initiative to find new solutions

The 2014 Development Initiatives’ Global Humanitarian Assistance report highlighted that the international community responded to the dramatic scale of need in 2013 with an unprecedented $22 billion in funding. However even at this record level, over a third of needs outlined went unmet. Fresh thinking is needed on how to finance people’s real needs and GHA welcomes the Future Humanitarian Financing project’s role in this global discussion.


Judith Randel, Executive Director – Development Initiatives

Future Humanitarian Financing: A new initiative to find new solutions

Future Humanitarian Financing is an initiative which will explore new models of financing humanitarian action and address the growing gap between funding for humanitarian action and humanitarian needs. By bringing experts from beyond the humanitarian sector, including those involved in risk financing and insurance Future of Humanitarian Financing bring fresh thinking and expertise to this debate and influence the global agenda on humanitarian financing, providing practical and applicable solutions to address some of these growing problems. To join in the dialogues press ‘Apply’ below and please visit our ‘About’ page for more information on the research and dialogue events.




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